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ONE STOP Tax Course Training Videos

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Dial 515-739-1548 (access code 592229) to listen in on the webinar call


HELPFUL HINTS for Viewing the LIVE Webinar Training:

Trainings are held via LIVE Webinar on Wednesdays at 8:00p EST / 7:00p CST.

If you are joining from your cell be sure to select the option to dial in via the web so that you can hear and view the presentation (if you use your cell data, you may be disconnected when trying to do both).

It is best to view the webinar from a desktop/laptop so that you can open 2 browser screens.

  • One will be for you to view the live webinar, and the other will be for you to open the Tax Software.
  • You can view the 2 browser windows side by side…click the “minimize” square in the top right corner of each browser window.
  • Click/drag the edges of each window until both are visible.